The overwhelming support of its current clientele and 30 years in the area gives it a strong foothold in the business community.

To the private consumer, Letterlock offers the same quality services as are offered to the business person, as well as enjoying the specialized attention and assistance provided in this one-stop shipping store.

In recent years, many companies have undergone aggressive down-sizing programs. In doing so, the disbursement of the virtual office has considerably increased the need for services offered through businesses such as Letterlock.

Letterlock was founded in 1982 and has remained a privately held company. Future growth patterns are being aggressively set while continuing to maintain a top-rated standard of excellence and providing overwhelmingly good service.

One of the most important aspects of Letterlock is the convenience of the one-stop shipping source. While it may be slightly less expensive to go to the local UPS/FedEx office or Post office, it has been proven that the average individual will spend a little more money for the conveniences provided in one location.

People with very busy lives appreciate a full-service shipping center rather than make several trips to various locations, standing in lines, finding parking etc., in order to accomplish the same tasks.

A business person can run their business from Letterlock. Every shipping solution can be accomplished through Letterlock. Time is money and the more time a business person can spend doing his/her job efficiently, the more money he/she stands to make.   And with its cross-border capabilities, Letterlock has taken away the boundaries from doing business globally.

Letterlock is a strong, service-oriented business with an extensive support organization backing it.